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This page will show you how you should properly make a character page! Unlike most meta pages, all users are free to edit this page. This is only so you can see the code of this page, any edits done by those who are not admins will be undone.

Here should be about a paragraph giving a basic and quick description detailing the character.


This section should give a more detailed description of the character. This should include back story, and a general synopsis of the character's story. In games that lack a plot or story, such as Minecraft, this section can be used to tell a more indepth history about the development of the character.


This should list all of the character's video game appearances. These should be listed in chronological order.

Game Release Date Console
Example Man 1 August 1, 1994 Examplia 64
Example Man 2 June 4, 2004 Examplo Wee

Non-Video Game Appearances

This should list all of the character's non-video game appearances. This list should also be in chronological order.

Name Release Date Type
Example Man: The Series January 3, 1995 Cartoon
Example Man's Big Movie November 11, 2006 Film


Put a gallery of various artwork of the character here! Include a description of where it came from.


Here you can put random facts about the character!

  • Example Man was based on a dream George Johnson had as a kid.
  • Example Man: The Series was created in order to increase the sales for the game.


This is where all references in the article will be listed. New references should be automatically added. When possible, please archive references used using the Wayback Machine.