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The Knight is the protagonist and sole playable character in the game Hollow Knight. While best known for his starring role in Hollow Knight, he actually originated in a game called Hungry Knight, made by developers Team Cherry for a Game Jam. After the creation of the original game, they fell in love with the design of the Knight and designed a game around the character.


The Knight is one of the countless discarded Vessels, created by the Pale King and the White Lady to try and create the perfect hollow being to contain the Infection ravaging their kingdom. Like the rest of the Knight's vessel siblings, The Knight is genderless.

After it's birth within The Abyss, the Knight climbed it's way to the top of the chasm to witness the Pale King choosing the vessel that would go on to become the Hollow Knight. After the Pale King chose the Hollow Knight, the entrance to the Abyss was sealed and all of the remaining vessels, including the Knight, were left to be forgotten and fade away. Despite the sealing, the Knight and a handful of its others siblings managed to make it out throughout the coming years.

Eventually, the Knight ended up wandering outside of the Kingdom of Hallownest for unknown reasons. It's time outside of the Kingdom caused it to lose its memory of it's creation and history, but being there did give them a certain resilience. They returned to Hallownest after hearing a call from either the Hollow Knight or the infection contained within.

Upon arriving back in the Kingdom, equipped only with their nail, the Knight delved into the depths of the Kingdom, meeting multiple characters, both friend and foe. They eventually met with their half-sister, Hornet, the one child of the Pale King not created with the Void or the goal of stopping the plague. She is slow to trust The Knight, but eventually grows to respect him and believe he has the possibility to redeem the now ruined kingdom.

The Knight comes to learn of The Dreamers, three beings who volunteered to be put into an eternal sleep in order to use their power to seal away the Hollow Knight and the infection sealed within it. Eventually, The Knight destroys the 3 Dreamers and breaks the seal leading into the Temple containing the Hollow Knight, which can lead to multiple possible endings for the character. If the Knight simply kills the Hollow Knight, the Infection gets transferred into the Knight and it gets sealed in its place. However, if the Knight wields the Void Soul and gains the assistance of Hornet, she will come in and stun the Hollow Knight and allow the Knight to enter the mind of the Hollow Knight and fight the personification of the Infection within, The Radiance. After destroying the Radiance with the assistance of the souls of the broken vessels from the Abyss, the Knight destroys the infection and is destroyed itself.


Game Release Date Console
Hungry Knight! August 2, 2014 PC
Hollow Knight February 24, 2017 PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One